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          Medical definition of blue inkjet, laser printing film
          Blue-chip high-definition inkjet medical

          Product Name: HD Blue -based medical X-ray film
          Product Type : Inkjet blue chip PL-(Ⅱ) -175 - monolithic , ( coil ) specifications apply : Inkjet Printing
          Laser Blue Chip JL-(Ⅱ) -175 - monolithic , ( coil ) specifications apply : Laser Printing

          Size: 8 " x 10 " 10 " * 12" 11 " * 14 " 12 " * 15 " 14 " * 17"

          A3 A4 16K B5 single and 17 "(430mm) Coil

          Application sections : CR, DR, CT, MRI and other imaging department

          Features and Benefits:
               Medical X-ray high-definition Blu -based film is dedicated to the X-ray high-definition video imaging film , the material surface is blue , after several coating processing, image clear imaging, water resistant , gray degree of distinctive handwriting pen oil available , use convenient, economical and environmentally friendly, in line with international standards of medical imaging , medical imaging to meet the development trend of the world , and is the best choice for clinical images for printing . It is a combination of the advantages of traditional medical film , the integration of the shortcomings of traditional film , new HD aggregate from medical X-ray high-definition Blu- based film , is a rising star in the medical imaging industry , is associated with medical digital imaging products for the core business new products.

          Film parameters:

                 1 Maximum resolution:. ≥ 9600dpi

                 2 base film thickness:. ≥ 175μm

                 3 Film thickness:. ≥ 195 μm

                 4 pieces suitable for inkjet dye ink and pigment ink

          Recommended Printer Type: EPSON 4910, format width 17 "(430mm coil),

          CANON510/5100, format 17 "(430mm coil), A3 A3 + chip


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